Wills and Estates Attorneys in Beaver County

Hopewell Township, Pennsylvania Estate Planning Lawyers

The Estate Planning and Administration attorneys at McMillen Urick Tocci & Jones are committed to providing affordable, competent, and compassionate legal assistance in the areas of Estate Planning and Administration. We will carefully review with you such Estate Planning documents as a Will, Power of Attorney, Living Will, and Living Trust. We will provide you with a clear and concise understanding of the probate system in Pennsylvania, and how it differs from establishing a trust. We will prepare estate-planning devices tailored to suit your needs. Most importantly, we will take time to review with you the important and ever-changing laws that affect you or your elderly loved ones who may require nursing home care, such as the ever-changing Medical Assistance laws.

Our Estate Administration attorneys will provide hands on assistance to you with estate administration to ensure that all inheritance and estate taxes are properly paid, and all assets are distributed in accordance with your loved one’s wishes. In short, our experienced estate attorneys will make the settlement of your loved one’s estate as simple and cost-effective as possible.

If you or a loved one needs assistance for a Will, Trust, Power of Attorney, Living Will, or Estate Administration, call on our experienced Estate Planning and Administration Attorneys.