Beaver County Assault and Battery Defense Attorneys

Assault Defense Lawyers in Hopewell, PA

You do not have to cause physical harm or even tough another person to face charges of simple assault, which is a misdemeanor crime that can carry a prison term of two years upon conviction. And while battery involves physical contact, charges do not necessarily involve contact that causes injuries.

If you face assault and battery charges, you need an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Beaver County with the skills and resources to develop an effective defense for your case. Each attorney at MicMillen Urick Tocci & Jones in Beaver County has the experience needed to protect your rights.

Separate Charges Under Pennsylvania Law

Although many individuals face charges of “assault and battery,” these are actually two separate charges, as follows:

  • Assault charges include a number of degrees of severity. For example, simple assault can involve physical violence, but it can also mean the perpetrator threatened violence without ever touching the victim. Aggravated assault involves causing serious bodily injury or attempting to do so.
  • Battery charges always involve the infliction of physical harm.

How Our Beaver County Assault and Battery Attorneys Develop a Defense

Every criminal case has unique aspects. Our clients may face charges of assault simply because of the malicious intentions of an accuser. And even when our client has caused injuries to another person, the act may have involved self-defense. Our experienced assault and battery lawyers make no automatic assumptions about the cases of our clients in Beaver County. We conduct thorough investigations into the circumstances behind the charges, and examine the prosecution’s evidence to uncover all details needed to develop an effective defense.

Contact an Experienced Assault and Battery Defense Attorney in Beaver County

You have a constitutional right to call an attorney as soon as police take you into custody and place you under arrest. If you face accusation, charges or an arrest for assault and battery, protect your rights immediately by calling an experienced defense lawyer from the law firm of McMillen Urick Tocci & Jonse in Beaver County.