Beaver County Drug Defense Attorneys

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Anyone facing even minor charges of possessing marijuana — or drug paraphernalia — can expect harsh consequences. Under Pennsylvania’s minimum sentencing laws, these consequences include fines and up to one year of incarceration if you are convicted. And penalties increase dramatically with higher quantities of drugs, more serious drugs and drug sales. For most people, the criminal arrest process is frightening and confusing, and law enforcement and prosecution personnel may employ tactics to encourage cooperation that work to the detriment of the defendant.

If you face drug charges, you need to immediately contact drug defense attorneys who know how to protect your rights in the courts in Beaver County and throughout western Pennsylvania. The drugs defense lawyers at McMillen Urick Tocci & Jones in Beaver County have more than 25 years of experience developing effective defense strategies in this complex area of criminal law.

Our Beaver County Drugs Defense Lawyers Protect Your Rights Throughout the Criminal Process

Whether you are charged with minor marijuana possession or the most serious crimes involving drug trafficking to children, the details can make a dramatic difference to your defense. Our experienced attorneys begin by protecting your rights during all questioning to help ensure that you make no inadvertent statements that can become evidence against you. Then we conduct thorough investigations of the details behind your case, from anything you tell us to the evidence and witness testimony expected from the prosecution.

Our Beaver County drug defense attorneys explore all available avenues to provide effective representation for our clients. Each attorney at our firm looks carefully at the arrest process to determine if police used illegal means to acquire evidence, and our lawyers may also conduct pre-trial negotiations or plea bargaining with the prosecution to get charges reduced or dropped.

Each drugs defense attorney at McMillen Urick Tocci & Jones in Beaver County benefits by being part of a drugs defense team that includes attorneys with experience as prosecutors. Our Beaver County lawyers work together to ensure their shared experience benefits every drugs attorney at the firm when developing a defense for our client.

Contact an Experienced Drug Defense Lawyer in Beaver County

Conviction on any type of drug crime can result in harsh consequences. If you face these or other charges, you need the support of a criminal defense attorney in Beaver County with experience presenting effective defense cases in Beaver County courts. Contact a drugs defense lawyer at the law firm of McMillen Urick Tocci & Jones in Beaver County for the skilled representation you need.