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Hunting and Firearm Accident Lawyers

Every owner of a hunting rifle, shotgun or BB gun is surely aware of the potential of harm to innocent victims caused by gun misuse. Responsible gun owners keep firearms locked up and inaccessible to children and others who may enter their home or place of business. An accidental shooting is cause for an in-depth investigation into such factors as the following:

  • Ownership of the gun
  • Ownership of the property where the shooting occurred
  • Legality of use of the gun at the time. Was the hunter licensed to hunt? Did the homeowner have the legal right to possess a gun?
  • Access to the gun. If a third party pulled the trigger, how did he or she get access to it? Was the gun kept unlocked, in plain sight, as an attractive nuisance?
  • Potential liability of a shop where the gun was purchased. Was the firearm defective, causing it to misfire unexpectedly? Did the gun shop sell the gun without doing the required background check on the purchaser?

Pursue answers to these and other questions that may arise if you or your child sustains injuries or if another party used your gun to hurt or kill someone. Our Beaver County firearm accident attorneys address all relevant factors in your injury claim with one goal — to help you and your family obtain maximum available compensation after the firearm accident. Each gun injury lawyer at our firm in Beaver County helps you pursue compensation for expenses such as the following:

  • Medical treatment
  • Therapy and psychological counseling
  • Lost wages replaced if the shooting injury meant that you could not work as before

Our experienced Beaver County gun injury attorneys guide you through a complex legal process. We understand that the victim of a firearm accident faces potentially significant injuries that can require surgery or intensive therapy to help achieve the fullest recovery possible. Your lawyer handles the details so you can focus on healing.

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