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Any accidental injury requires careful analysis with an eye to the future. How long do doctors believe the victim will need treatment, therapy and rehabilitation? What are the person’s prospects for recovering a normal or near-normal lifestyle after a back injury, broken bones or head injury? These are important questions for any injury victim — but often even more critical in the case of an injured child. The Hopewell child injury lawyers at McMillen Urick Tocci & Jones address the special needs of injured children.

Children Face Unique Issues After an Injury

In the case of a dog bite to the face, plastic surgeons may recommend waiting until the child matures more to perform the recommended plastic surgery, especially when the injury affects bones.

Our Hopewell child injury attorneys must also address psychological and social considerations before accepting a settlement offer from an insurer after an accidental injury. Children may suffer taunting from classmates, lowered self-esteem, and limitations on favorite sports activities or career aspirations.

An insightful and sensitive personal injury lawyer at our firm in Beaver County observes extra vigilance and attention to the special issues of children when preparing a claim or lawsuit on behalf of an injured child. We focus on many details such as the following:

  • Was your child injured because of a defective car seat?
  • Has a playground injury left your child at risk of long-term disability or disfigurement?
  • Will a burn injury mean that a child needs skin grafts over a number of years to come?

Sensitive Support for Children and Their Families

At the law firm of McMillen Urick Tocci & Jones, we play a professional role as personal injury attorneys, but some of us are also parents. Our law practice is family oriented. We understand the importance of evaluating the effects on a whole family — including siblings — when a child is killed or injured. We exercise sensitivity and compassion in our interactions with bereaved or affected family members while representing a child injury victim or the parents of a fatality victim.

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No amount of money can bring innocence or cull health back to your child. However, financial compensation can provide that extra measure of reassurance that you can afford necessary surgery, therapy for siblings and family transportation expenses to and from hospitals. If your child suffers injuries in western Pennsylvania, contact a lawyer at McMillen Urick Tocci & Jones to schedule a free initial consultation.